property service

PAZ Property Service offers a complete line of flat roofing services. After being in the roofing and waterproofing for more than 22 years, PAZ Property Service has become one of the leading specialty flat roofing contractors.

PAZ Property Service services include new construction and replacement all types of flat or sloped roofing systems, as well as Facility Roof Maintenance Programs and Solar Power Energy Systems. Through combining the process of traditional slate layering installation with state of the art technology in material development, we have managed to engineer a World Class product. We strongly believe that all consumers should receive the best value for their money in any marketplace. As well, we believe that trust in business is maintained through value and that real value can only be shown by the quality of the particular good or service that is being offered.

PAZ Property Service is committed to delivering innovative flat roofing solutions to the building and construction industries. We provide installation, monitoring and maintenance services to rooftop Solar Photovoltaic systems throughout Canada. Governed by this principle, we shall continue to deliver real, genuine value to our consumers through nothing but the best, top quality products.

PAZ Property Service is licensed and insured, and has a solid reputation and consistent financial performance. We have significant bonding capabilities to meet the needs of our clients. Commercial, industrial and residential services, flat roofs installation and repairs, solar panels installation and repairs, shingles repairs, leaks repair, waterproofing and more.